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You have access to a variety of tools and commands on the shortcut menu while you work in the SolidWorks
software. When you move the pointer over geometry in the model, over items in the FeatureManager design tree, or over the SolidWorks window borders, right-click to access a shortcut menu of commands that are appropriate for wherever you clicked.

The shortcut menu provides an efficient way to work without continually moving the pointer to the main pull-down menus or the toolbar buttons. For instance, with the shortcut menu, you can:
• Select a tool without moving your pointer to the toolbar
• Open and close sketches
• Change or view the properties of an item
• Rename a feature or dimension with the Properties dialog box
• Hide or show a sketch, plane, axis, or assembly component by right-clicking an item in the  eatureManager
design tree or in the graphics area
• Temporarily roll a model back to an earlier state by right-clicking any feature in the FeatureManager design
tree and selecting Rollback
• Open an assembly component for editing
• Access the dimension tools and an annotations menu when in a drawing
• Access the toolbars list when you click a SolidWorks window border
SolidWorks 2004
Reference Guide

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  • Most SolidWorks features begin with a 2D sketch. For information about using sketches to create solid model geometry, see Features Overview. You can also create 3D sketches with SolidWorks. In a 3D sketch, the entities exist in 3D space; they are not related to specific sketch planes. The sketch topics include: • Starting a new 2D sketch • Accessing and using the sketching tools • Taking advantage of inferencing • Deriving a new sketch from another • Dimensioning the sketch and adding and deleting geometric relations • Fully defining sketches • Sketching on the face of a part • Selecting a starting plane for a sketch • Deciding how complex the sketch should be • Creating a 3D sketch You can toggle the display of sketches. The sketch entities in the graphics area are hidden or shown when you click View, Sketches. (All sketches must be closed.)

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  • SolidWorks 2004 Reference Guide
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