If we make the first sketch is of the view left or right, select Right Plane.
Here we do not have to use one default plane for the first sketch that we make we can make a new plane at each
angle. The orientation of the view plane is determined by default, but we can also berreorientasi part to change the Front to the Top for example, Update Standard Views in the dialog box.
When we make a new part or assembling, the default three-plane aligned with a particular view.
Plane can be chosen for our first sketch to determine the orientation of the part that we make.
For example, if we select the Front plane in the Orientation dialog box or add a front display for the picture), this view would plane normal to the Front.
If we open a new part and select the sketch tool, we are asked to select the Top Plane.

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  • To make a sketch on the face, the steps we have to do is:
    The first step is a model Select the planar face on the which we want to sketch
    Click next a sketch tool on the Sketch toolbar
    click Insert, Sketch
    Click Tools, Options, Document Properties Grid / Snap> grid Appears on the face That We selected
    The message Editing the Sketch Appears in the status bar at the bottom of the SolidWorks window.
    To sketch on a different face, exit the current sketch, select the new face, and open a new sketch.

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  • Circular Pattern for this did not have 2 Direction option, as in a linear pattern
    Same as in the linear spaces patern but he took the corner and share equally with the total number of corners.

    Now we will try to sketch a circular pattern with the original reference point.

    It points to consider are:

    Entities to Pattern
    Select the sketch entity that we want to make a circular pattern

    reverse direction
    Choose a pattern center:
    Use the sketch origin (default).
    Center X. Set the pattern along the axis X.
    Y. center Set the pattern along the axis Y.

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  • Sketch the sweep profile and path on the planes that you created.
    Sketch must be a closed, non-intersecting profile on a plane or a face.
    -If you are using one or more guide curves, create coincident or pierce relations between the guide curves
    and the profile.
    -Click Swept Surface on the Surfaces toolbar or click Insert, Surface, Sweep.
    -Under Profile and Path, do the following:
    Click Profile and select the profile sketch in the graphics area.
    Click Path and select the path sketch in the graphics area.
    -Apply Options if needed.
    -Under Guide Curves, do the following:
    Select the Guide Curves in the graphics area.
    Click Move Up or Move Down to change the order in which to use the guide curves.
    If necessary, clear the Merge smooth faces check box. Example
    Click Show Sections , and click the arrows to view and troubleshoot the profile by Section Number.
    -Apply Start/End Tangency if necessary.
    -Click OK .

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  • We can copy an entire circle sketch on a face in the current part, or can paste it into a different sketch, or
    into a part, assembly, or drawing document. The target document must be open.
    When we copy a circle sketch, the relations are not copied.
    To copy and paste a circle sketch:
    Select the closed circle sketch in the FeatureManager design tree.
    Click Edit, Copy, or press Ctrl+C.
    Click in the circle sketch or document where you want to paste the center of the sketch.
    Click Edit, Paste, or press Ctrl+V.


    Click Select. Hold down the Ctrl key on keybopard.
    Click the circumference of a circle. pull / drag until the new circle.
    Release the mouse button. Release the Ctrl key.

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